Our Company and Services


Camptec is a professional tent manufacturer that was established in 1952 in Taiwan. Over the past 60 years, we have developed and accumulated the most effective techniques and skills in producing high-quality sewn outdoor products. Additionally, we have an extensive raw material base to work from.


Camptec is synonymous with innovation, best value and highest quality. You will get the best quality products at the price you can afford. We have produced tents for more than 30 well-known international brands (including those located in the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan), most of which we have maintained relationship with for more than a decade!


Now, Camptec is leading the way into the field of ODM. We have evolved from a pure OEM organization into a more active participant capable of developing products in part or in whole together with customers. This has resulted in not only a faster sample turn-around but also a more distinct duty division between the roles of our customers' brand management and the manufacturing source.


In other words, our customers can zero in on their sales related activities while Camptec is engaged in the time-consuming and demanding development work for them. This way, customers can save themselves the costly product development expense, including precious time.


With our combined capabilities in product development, material sourcing, manufacturing, and services, Camptec is able to provide best value in the industry for our customers, which has put us a further step ahead of our competitors. For Camptec’s other strengths, please refer to the section titled “Strengths”.