A Grand View



A company’s long history is an indication that it has experienced countless situations and seen countless products. You can rely on the professional knowledge that it has accumulated in all aspects, including design, materials, market trend, product function, sampling and mass-production. These consultations, influential to your products, are free. Only companies of long history like us can provide you with this amazing level of service. Established in 1952, Camptec has more than 60 years of experience that you can count on. This is a precious asset waiting to be explored by you, again, free of charge.



Company scale represents the advantages of economies of scale on which products can be produced in very large quantities. The influence of economies of scale is far-reaching, from purchasing cost, production efficiency, sewer’s proficiency to upstream suppliers’ willingness to provide up-to-date material and know-how. In addition, economies of scale are helpful to you in handling your orders, especially when your order volume increases unexpectedly. Camptec is a large-scale tent manufacturer with an annual capacity of 400,000 tents! We can handle virtually any size of your orders with confidence and ease.



Honestly, OEM/ODM is a very exacting and complex business, therefore not only labor- but brain-intensive. Without a supplier’s dedicated care, it would not be possible to get the best work done. Your manufacturer should have a designated group of people watching over your business on a daily basis.


Camptec appoints a team of staff for every customer, big or small, to shepherd their business through the processes of design, sampling, and manufacturing. Every team strives to provide the best attention to details for every product, starting at your sketch pad all the way to your warehouse. Your time will be freed up for the more important things. You can call us a concierge, who cares about your business maybe more than you possibly can. No worries, no hassles. You can totally depend on us.



Lowest TOC (Total Owning Cost) is so mething you need to consider, along with lowest quotes. Your possible TOC can be composed of purchasing cost, warranty/repair, affected product image due to low product quality, ensuring business loss, costs associated with changing vendors, etc. We believe that choosing Camptec would MINIMIZE your TOC.



Last but not least. You don’t want your products to be manufactured in an inhumane environment and you don’t want your products to be sewn by unhappy workers. You will see fair and reasonable management, spacious and bright working environment, and beautiful gardens in our factories. We hope to provide you with products of best value, and at the same time, are responsible to you and your end-users ethically. Camptec takes pride in providing the nicest working environment to all our employees. We have passed numerous audits conducted by our big-name customers. Their endorsements amount to their strong belief in our general quality. We encourage you to visit our facilities to judge for yourself.